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Teacher & School Cards


·        Teachers or schools may register for library cards with special privileges, allowing them to borrow books and other items for use at school. Circulation periods may be extended and fines may be waived. However, either the school or the teacher will be responsible for paying for any lost or damaged materials.

·        District staff members are willing and able to help in the selection of materials, to provide tours, present booktalks, and offer instruction in research sources. 

·        Class visits to the library can be a wonderful field trip experience.  Students with cards may borrow items using their own card. If the teacher chooses to let students borrow items on the teacher's or school's card, the school or teacher will be held responsible if the items checked out on that card are lost or damaged. 

 Teachers and students with active cards:

·        May request materials online and those materials will be delivered to the library closest to the school where a teacher, student or someone designated by the school, may pick up the materials.


·        A student’s library card is a contract between the student, his or her parent or guardian and the Library District.  Because the parent and child will be responsible if materials are damaged or lost, the Library District requires that the parent and child come to the library to activate the card. Library card applications will not be given to schools to send home for signature. 

·        Library cards may be distributed to students, but the student and parent/guardian must come into a library at least once to activate the card and sign the contract.

·        After that initial visit, the student may request books and other materials online from school or home. 

 Returning books and other library materials:

·        There are 9 libraries or library stations with outdoor book returns, as well as 9 remote book returns, where books and other items may be returned when the library is closed.