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Colville Public Library Improvement Club

Our Mission

The mission of the Colville Library Improvement Club shall be to promote and advance the welfare of the Colville Public Library by providing service and support, both in and out of the Library, through various activities, library tasks, fund-raising, and public relations.

The Colville Public Library Improvement Club was established in 1909. Click Here for a timeline history of the Club.

How to Become a Member

  • Contact the New Member Committee Chairman at 509-684-2082

What We Do...

Library Duties

  • Improvement Club members volunteer hours monthly to shelve and organize library materials.
  • There are monthly meetings held at the library to discuss ongoing projects and services.


  • The Welcome Baby Committee designs and assembles a gift packet of information on library services and other helpful resources for parents of babies born at Providence Mount Carmel Hospital. This outreach program is in support of the American Library Association Early Literacy Program.
  • Library books are delivered to and from the Pinewood Terrace, Parkview, and Buena Vista nursing homes, providing books and audiobooks for many of Colville's senior citizens.

Fundraising and Donations

  • Book Sales - Improvement Club members offer book sales using donated books and recycled library materials.  The book sale proceeds help to support library services and programs such as the annual Summer Reading program. 
  • The Memorial Fund, established in 1945, is comprised of donations made by patrons in honor of a loved one. (Click here for a printable version of Donation Instructions).
    To honor someone through a memorial to the Colville Public Library:

                  1. Designate for whom the memorial is being made. Checks should be
                      written to the ‘Colville Public Library Memorial Fund’.

                  2. If desired, designate a type of book-audio book/e-book/ hardcopy; a  
                      specific title, or another item.  A non-designated gift will be used where                    
                      needed. For assistance, consult with the library manager. If a specific
                      item is requested, an identification plate will recognize this.

                  3. The name of the honoree will be written in the Honor Book; if the
                      honoree is deceased, their name will be written in the Memorial Book.
                      Both volumes are displayed in the library.      

    The honoring gift may be delivered or mailed to:

    Colville Public Library

    Attn: Colville Public Library Improvement Club

    195 S. Oak St.

    Colville, WA 99114